Stakeholder Information

Vision Statement

A life free from abuse for every woman, man and child

Vision without action is just a dream

Action without vision just passes the time

Vision with action can change the world

Core Values

The Core Values are principles that guide Threshold DAS internal conduct and its relationship with external agencies. These include:

  • Women and children centred services
  • Support for men who are victims of abuse
  • Assistance for perpetrators to change their abusive behaviours
  • Respect for individual beliefs and value
  • Violence towards others is unacceptable
  • Equality for women
  • Commitment to breaking the cycle of abuse, promoting individual growth and development
  • Commitment to innovation, investing in staff resources
  • Commitment to working in partnership
  • Commitment to consultation and service user participation
  • Provision of services that are value for money – effective and efficient use of resources, putting public money to good use
  • Lobbying / Campaigning for rights for women

Threshold DAS is Pro-Women and not Anti-Men

We care about our Service Users

Threshold DAS has an honest interest in listening to and learning from our service users.  This ensures that the relationships between service users and staff are meaningful and our services are effective and successful.

The key to our success is “Real Engagement” with our service users and a passion for putting their interests first at all times, without acceptation.

Threshold DAS has developed a large range of services to enable service users to achieve Safety, Support, Advocacy, Opportunities and ownership of their lives and to end the cycle of Domestic Abuse. These services range from initial contact and advice, refuge accommodation, through early intervention services and mediation, to education, training, volunteering and placement opportunities, which together provide a series of pathways to independent living.

We Inspire and Reassure

All Threshold DAS Staff are in constant consultation with our service users and Service User’s participation is at the heart of all of our services.

Threshold DAS encourages positive participation of service users in the services that they receive.  For this reason, service user forums are set up to allow service users and ex-service users to meet and discuss the services that they are receiving as well as to offer informal and peer support to each other.

We Don’t Give Up on Service Users – we find solutions were there are none