Choices – Behavioural change programme

The Choices programme is for men over 18 who want to change their behaviours and beliefs. This programme will support change and men’s understanding of abuse and relationships, teaching ways of being non-abusive, taking men through a highly structured program step by step, supporting positive change over time.

The programme lasts 35 weeks including pre and post one-to-one session in accordance with the RESPECT accreditation standards. There is an initial assessment which must be completed before taking part in the programme.

This programme is run on a rolling basis with various points at which new people can join. Topics covered on the programme include:

  • Emotional Intimacy
  • Sexual Respect
  • Gender
  • Support and Trust
  • Respect

The programme is currently run on a Wednesday evening with a break in between. For more information about this program or to join the program please contact us!

For some case studies of the work done on this programme see the following links:


If you have taken part of our Choices program, please can you complete the following questionnaire following this link!


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