Safety Planning

Prepare an emergency strategy if you are returning to an abusive situation:

  • Know where the nearest telephone is located.
  • Know where refuge / safe accommodation can be sought.
  • Make a list of emergency and other important numbers – store them in your mobile phone.
  • Save money for bus or taxi fares.
  • Obtain an extra set of keys to your home and car.
  • Pack an emergency bag – take enough clothes, including school uniforms and children’s favourite possessions (where appropriate). Put the bag in a safe place or give it to a friend or relative you can trust.
  • Plan an escape route out of your home teach this to your children.
  • Consider when it is best to leave. It is important to try to take all of the children
  • Keep important documents together e.g. benefit books, medical cards, certificates, bank books, legal orders, etc.
  • Keep a note of the family’s essential medicines and have an immediate supply available.

Prepare a leaving strategy if you are leaving an abusive situation:

  • If possible, leave when the abuser is not around.
  • Take all of the children and some of each child’s favourite possessions (where appropriate).
  • Take personal belongings, benefit, bank and legal documentation.
  • Bring essential family medicines.

Remember in the event of an emergency call 999


For more information on how to stay safe and for safety plans for children please view Safe Lives website.

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