Our Llanelli WA Refuge offers safe, secure and welcoming accommodation for women and children escaping domestic abuse.

Refuge Life

Llanelli refuge is located close to shops and other facilities.
All rooms are fully furnished, and upon your arrival, you will be provided with bedding, towels as starter packs of toiletries and food to ensure you have the essentials when you arrive in your new temporary home.

Our refuge workers are there to support you and can provide you with information on legal, welfare and housing issues, as well as emotional support and activities for your children.

The location of our refuge is strictly confidential to ensure safety.
Our refuge operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There is staff present in refuge seven days a week and most evenings.

In order to ensure we provide appropriate support, our staff will assess your needs by talking to you on the telephone. If there is no space available in our refuge, or if we feel you would not be safe there (if, for example, your partner is from the area) then we will find you a space in another refuge where you will be safe.

As refuge is crisis led accommodation, all the women and children are given a high level of support. Whilst in the refuge, the women are supported and encouraged to develop independent living skills and build up their self-esteem and confidence.
Each woman’s needs are unique and you will be supported in line with your needs assessment through a support plan to help you achieve your goals.

Your achievements are monitored regularly and acknowledged. This could involve accompanying you to see solicitors, doctors, probation officers, social workers, advocacy, etc. trained members of staff will help you develop new skills through different kinds of structured and directional activities including budgeting, healthy eating, menu planning, sexual health, domestic abuse awareness training (called ‘The Freedom Programme’ and ‘The Recovery Toolkit’), and much more to help you in self-development and to live independently.

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