Support for Males Experiencing Domestic Abuse and Violence

Domestic abuse and sexual violence is not a female-only issue and numerous men are also affected by these issues. In 2010 – 2011 the Men’s Advice Line reported receiving calls from over 2900 men who were victims of domestic abuse. These victims were from all ethnicities, age ranges and sexualities again reinforcing the fact that domestic abuse does not discriminate and can affect anyone.

Across England and Wales 17% of men report experiencing at least one or more incidents of domestic abuse from 16 years-old onwards (Smith et al, 2012). The domestic abuse experienced included all forms of abuse such as physical, emotional, financial, sexual, verbal and isolation or controlling/coercive behaviours. In 2011 – 2012 an estimated 784,000 men experienced domestic abuse across England and Wales. This abuse was often perpetrated by their current and ex-partners as well as family members.

In light of this, we provide confidential support for men experiencing domestic violence from a partner or ex-partner, or from other family members. Anyone who comes forward as a victim of domestic abuse is treated equally, regardless of gender. Following an assessment to determine the best route to follow we can provide a range of support to males experiencing domestic abuse including; giving you a safe space for you to tell your story; offering emotional support; providing practical advice in a range of areas including child contact, housing and legal needs and signposting victims onto additional services where necessary.

In addition to the work we do, there are also other organisations which provide support and resources to male victims of domestic abuse. These include:

  • Men’s Advice Line – Men’s Advice Line offer advice and guidance to male victims of domestic abuse and help signpost on to other relevant services. They can also be contacted via phone on: 08088010327. Men’s Advice Line can also provide support and contact to Male Refuge’s across the country.
  • Refuge – Refuge offer information and advice to all victims of domestic abuse.
  • Survivors UK – Survivors UK support men who have experienced rape or sexual abuse.
  • The National Centre for Domestic Violence – This Centre offers free advice and assistance regarding legal matters for victims of domestic abuse, regardless of gender. You can also call them on 0844 8044 999
  • Respect – Respect are an accreditation body who work in various ways regarding domestic abuse.
  • Victim Support – Victim Support are an independent charity helping support those who have experienced a crime. They can provide free and confidential advice and support. The can be contacted by phone on 08453030900

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