Project Y

We have a new innovative project aimed at children and young people! The project is made of several facets and more information can be found below.

The Sparrow Programme

The Healthy Relationships Coaches deliver the Sparrow programme, working with children and young people to raise awareness about the importance of healthy relationships. Seminars are held in schools, youth clubs, colleges and third party sector organisations that support young people. Topics include social media, sexting, safe use of the internet, sexual health, understanding sexual orientation, bullying, peer pressure, drug and alcohol abuse, self-harming and suicide intervention, mental health and healthy eating. Alongside the programme of group work, one to one support and drop in services are also offered. The aim of this programme is to provide young people with the tools to address issues in their lives and understand their changing social world, in the hopes of breaking the cycle of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Purple Heart & Making Waves

The Healthy Relationships Coaches also work as Healthy Relationships Facilitators, delivering the Purple Heart and Making Waves Programmes. The facilitators provide a specialist service, focused on early intervention and prevention practices with young people who are showing signs that may indicate a potential future as a domestic abuse offender. Purple Heart addresses teenage use of violence in close relationships, whereas Making Waves focuses on child to parent abuse. The aim is to help change young people’s behaviours and attitudes, enabling them to make informed, conscious choices in their relationships and deal with conflicts more effectively.

Open 4 All Mediation

The Young Person’s Mediator delivers the Open 4 All mediation programme, which works with the whole family to improve communication and find solutions to conflicts. The programme assists in addressing the issues behind conflicts, re-establishing or strengthening relationships, building trust and helping reach a mutually acceptable settlement. Where this is not possible, relationships are disentangled and ended while minimising emotional and psychological trauma. By allowing all parties to hear and be heard, coping methods and communication skills are developed to allow future issues to be resolved more easily.

Training and Skills Co-Ordinator

The Training and Skills Co-ordinator delivers to Health and Legal Professionals Training Programme, providing training for all health care professionals, judges, magistrates and legal professionals. The aim is to develop skills and a greater understanding of domestic abuse and its effects on children and young people, so that they are more easily able to identify abuse and refer to the most appropriate service.

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