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Our ‘CHOICES’ perpetrator programme aims to challenge beliefs, attitudes and the behaviour of men aged 18 and over, who engage in acts of domestic abuse. This intervention enables us to increase the safety of victims of domestic abuse.

The programme will support change and men’s understanding of abuse and relationships, teaching ways of being non-abusive, and taking men through a highly structured programme, which step by step,  supports positive change.

Depending on the individual’s circumstances and location we can work with perpetrators in both one-to-one and group settings (currently being provided by Zoom). Support is provided free of charge within the Dyfed Powys Police area: CARMARTHENSHIRE, PEMBROKESHIRE, CEREDIGION and POWYS.  All support outside of this area is chargeable.

This is not an anger management programme, or a counselling service.




The CHOICES perpetrator programme mainly operates throughout the Dyfed Powys region.

There is an initial assessment which must be completed before taking part in the programme.

The Programme:

The course runs weekly for approximately 46hrs plus initial assessment, bespoke 1:1 session and post-group check-in. All work is completed in accordance with the RESPECT standards, survivor safety is a key part of our Choices programme. Our Integrated Safety staff, work closely with current & Ex partners developing personal safety plans and providing in-depth support.

This enables the survivors to have a voice, to have someone by their side, to help us understand what is still going on at home still and if a change is truly happening.

This programme is run on a rolling basis with various points at which new men can join the programme.


Topics covered on the programme include:

  • Parenting
  • Emotional Intimacy
  • Sexual Respect
  • Gender
  • Support and Trust
  • Respect

The aims of the programme are:

  • To reduce the impact of domestic abuse through positive engagement and an innovative approach.
  • Increase the safety of victims and their families experiencing domestic abuse.
  • Help participants on the programme to understand the effects of their behaviour on their partners, children and others.
  • Encourager participants to take responsibility for their behaviour and make positive steps to change.
  • Understand the reason why they use violence and abuse.

Those supported through the CHOICES programme have reported:

  • A significant improvement in their relationships
  • Improved communication
  • A significant reduction in violence
  • Improved parenting
  • Enhanced awareness of the effects that domestic violence has on their partners and children
  • Children reported feeling safer
  • Health and wellbeing of the whole family had increased
  • A reduction in police involvement

For some case studies of the work done on this programme, press the profile photos below:


Referrals can be made by partner agencies or by the individuals themselves. Please email or telephone 01554 752422 if you live within the Dyfed Powys Police Area.


The Choices programme is free of charge to all who live within the Dyfed-Powys region, as this is a funded programme through Dyfed-Powys PCC.

If you live outside of Dyfed-Powys and the referral to Choices is being made by a statutory organisation such as Social Services, then there will be a fee of £1800.00 to cover the cost of the programme in total.

If you are self-referring and live outside Dyfed-Powys, the fee to complete will be £1700.00.

Please contact D Evans or R Owen for further information regarding programme outline and costs: 

If you have taken part in our CHOICES programme, please can you complete the following questionnaire following this link!


Watch our Domestic Abuse Choices Perpetrator Programme Video Here


From DA male who completed the programme in 2021: 

“Again, I would like to say a massive thank you to you and your team for all the help and guidance you have given me during this programme. I will forever be grateful to you for helping me save my amazing family.


From DB male who completed the programme in 2021, when asked about the programme and why it has been useful:

“Beyond my expectations.  It has put me in touch with my emotions, thinking, attitude & general approach to life”


From MW female whose partner completed the programme in 2021:

“I wish I could express in words more than I have on how much the programme has supported us and I do not know where we would have been without the support we have received. “


From ME male who completed the programme in 2021:

I first want to thank you all for changing my life for the better I am well aware that this will be an ongoing process for the rest of my life so when I can contact you when I’m struggling is a great comfort.

I feel my ways of thinking have changed and that is down to the strategies I have learned that threshold my marriage is stronger than it’s ever been and I look forward to the future in my wife thank you.”


From WF male who completed the programme in 2022:

I’m much more thoughtful about how my words affect the situation. This has led me to be much calmer when things aren’t going as planned. I also think that this has made me a more patient man.


From AS male who completed the programme in 2019:

“I now understand that I am the only one who can control my actions and sometimes all you need to do is stop and think before acting.


From BS male who completed the programme in 2020:

Through the course, I have been able to see what constitutes an unhealthy relationship so that I can see how to make a healthy one.


From JL male who completed the programme in 2019:

What you have done for me has been brilliant. To start I thought I would never go home, getting the knowledge of how to behave differently made a huge difference in my life.


From MH male who completed the programme in 2019:

“I’ve learned to take my partner’s feelings into consideration rather than just my own. We share a lot more with each other, respect each of the space, and now trust each other again.”


From Anon male who completed the programme in 2019:

It has been quite painful and very embarrassing at times seeing my previous behaviour written down and being talked about in Group sessions. Life at home is very different now while we are rebuilding our relationship.”



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