Carla’s Story

Carla was the partner of a man who attended the Choice’s Programme and received support from the Women’s Safety Officer. Her partner was very abusive, including physically, there was also concerns about their children.

Carla’s partner, George, started attending the Choice’s Programme and Carla noticed the difference in his behaviour almost immediately. George became more self-controlled, he began taking her out on dates and spending more time with the children – looking after them so Carla could go out with friends. Carla has commented on the fact that she can now openly discuss situations with George without worrying that he will become aggressive and she notes that he goes out for a walk to calm down if he’s angry about a situation so he can respond in a calmer manner.

Carla said their relationship was different now as George’s behaviour had improved; he doesn’t try and control her and he is much more respectful.

Carla states that now George apologies for his behaviours when he is wrong and he now contributes to the family both financially and emotionally through support and taking real interest in the children. As a response the children now want to spend time with George, which had not happened before. Carla and George are now back together and Carla has no concerns about leaving the children in his care or about confronting him on any of his behaviours.

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