RESPECT’s response to the report on private probation services.

A recent release has demonstrated how private probation services are failing victims of domestic abuse due to high case loads and a poor understanding of domestic abuse. In response to this report RESPECT made a statement on their website which is also printed below:

“Respect welcomes the thematic inspection by HM Inspectorate of Probation Domestic abuse: the work undertaken by Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs), which exposes some really concerning failures in the management of domestic abuse offenders and protection of victims.

Respect is the lead UK charity focused on preventing, disrupting and changing perpetrators.  Part of our work is to quality assure organisations working with perpetrators, to ensure it is safe, effective and puts victims and children first.  The Respect Standard covers all kinds of perpetrator interventions including behaviour change programmes and risk management activities.  We regularly review the evidence base and update the Respect Standard so that it reflects the best of our knowledge of what actually works, to keep victims safe and prevent perpetrators causing further harm.  To be accredited, organisations must provide an integrated support service for victims to ensure that their needs are met.

We would like to see CRCs working to, and held accountable by, these same standards.  It is not enough – as has been proven by this report – to run the Probation accredited programme Building Better Relationships (BBR).  A CRC’s entire work with domestic abuse offenders should meet Respect’s standards.  We look forward to discussing this further with HMIP and looking at ways to improve the management of domestic abuse offenders in the future.”


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