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General Health

Here some help for supporting your general health which will help your overall mental health. Daily Check One of the best steps you can make when improving your mental health is by being aware of your emotional state and what can trigger and increase in both happiness and sadness. One way of tracking this information […]

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Eight things you didn’t know about the Suffragette movement

Learn eight new facts about the monumental Suffragette movement and how it impacted the lives of everyone in the UK

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Equality around the world in 6 facts

Learn about practices around the world which effect the rights of women to vote

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John Battaglia taunts ex-wife before his execution

John Battaglia was killed by lethal injection earlier this week after being convicted of murdering his two daughters. Battaglia shot both his 9-year old and 6-year old daughters in his loft. He had previously been on probation for domestic abuse against his ex-wife, the girl’s mother.   Before shooting the girls he made the eldest […]

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Mark Wahlberg paid 1500 times more than Michelle Williams

Shocking pay gap between male and female actors following film re-shoot.

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