Do you feel safe at home?

Everyone has a right to feel safe and free of fear in their own home.

If your partner hurts you, abuses you, or tries to control you this is domestic abuse.

It’s not your fault and there is no excuse for this behaviour.

Domestic abuse does affect your children. Even if they don’t see or hear the abuse, they know it’s happening.

Babies and young children pick up on this, even if they’re in another room.  Older children know what’s going on.

You are probably trying hard to protect them. You do your best to stop them from hearing arguments or seeing abuse. But children are very sensitive.

Growing up in a ‘climate of fear’ is damaging to children.

The warning signs

If you realise you have been committing domestic abuse then look at our ‘Choices’ programme for more help and information.

If you want to speak about this further please contact us on 01554 752422 or phone the all Wales Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Helpline (Live Fear Free) on 0808 80 10 800.

Remember – Name calling or put downs are abuse too. It can hurt as much or even more than physical violence

All forms of domestic abuse are not ok. And some like physical violence, threats or stalking are a crime. There are laws to protect individuals from domestic abuse/violence.

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