77% surge in number of children affected by domestic abuse

In the past year, the number of visible bruises and exposure to rage and rough handling experienced by children has risen by nearly 1000.

Most of these callers were seeking help after seeing distressing signs in children including; bruises, parents hospitalised, exposure to rage and aggressive behaviours. Over 85% of these calls were referred onto other agencies, specially the police or social services.

One caller stated:

“The mother is always covered head to toe in bruises and I have seen both mother and the father screaming at each other in the street in front of the children”

Around 1 in 10 crimes are linked to domestic abuse, which is now being described as a epidemic by some. This report comes after the previous Ofsted report claiming not enough is being done to tasked domestic abuse.

As a result of this, and of increasing numbers of children experiencing domestic abuse the NSPCC is piloting an early-intervention service called “Steps to Safety” which is intended to help reduce stress, manage emotions and respond calmly to conflict.


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