Prosecutors will get help to better understand experiences of male victims of domestic abuse

Additional legal advice is being given to prosecutors handling crimes where men are the victims of sexual and domestic abuse. The CPS has published a statement, the first of its kind, recognising the specific needs of male victims in a variety of crimes. The CPS has published a policy which will enable prosecutors to “…better understand the experiences of male victims and the barriers to them reporting offences”.

Speaking on the subject, the director of public prosecutions stated:

“The way society views masculinity can make it very difficult for men and boys who are the victims of sexual and domestic offences to come forward. The CPS statement addresses this challenge and I hope it will create an environment that gives male victims increased confidence to come forward and get the justice they deserve”

In order to help educate prosecutors, the CPS is working alongside various charities in order to better inform those who work with male victims.

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