WEB (Women Exploring Business)


Have you considered owning your own business? Would you like a better ‘work-life balance?’ Are you looking to supplement your family’s income?

Threshold understands that for many women, self-employment may provide new opportunities in terms of money, family and careers.

Funded by NatWest, this WEB programme was devised to support women contemplating self-employment (entrepreneurship) and is open to women who are unemployed.

What is it?

WEB stands for ‘Women Exploring Business.’ It is designed to inspire women to set up their own business, to become ‘entrepreneurs.’ We recognise that women face barriers in relation to their gender. That’s why we are offering bespoke training for women only – underpinned by two Agored Cymru accredited qualifications that culminate in a Level 2 Award.

How does it work?

WEB will offer tailored and flexible pre-vocational training, activities, workshops and back-to-work support specifically designed to help women into self-employment, employment and further skills-training. 

What’s in it for me?

Throughout the programme, you will have opportunities to develop a hands-on approach in setting up your business, explore ideas and aspirations, develop confidence, leadership skills, resilience and resourcefulness. And you can achieve a Level 2 Award accredited by Agored Cymru. 

What if I decide afterwards that I don’t want to be self-employed after all?

That’s okay. The programme is about exploration. The more you learn about business, the more information you will have to consider whether it is right for you, whether the timing is right or if your personal circumstance will allow it etc. The programme provides plenty of opportunities of acquiring transferable skills that are sought after by employers.

I’m still not sure. Where can I get more information?

Contact us using the details below! We’re happy to discuss the programme in detail, or any concerns or issues you may have. We’re looking forward to meeting you on the course.

Which courses can I take on this programme?

Currently we are offering the following two Agored Cymru accredited Level 2 full qualifications:

  • Customer Services
  • Safeguarding

We hope to add the following soon:

  • Environmental Awareness
  • Mental Health, Stress & Wellbeing
  • Volunteering & Community Engagement

What provisions are you offering as a substitute for in-class learning at the moment?

Our courses are now available through Guided Learning; an opportunity to study at home with 1:1 support from our qualified tutors, via a range of electronic platforms. All our training is accredited through Agored Cymru and is completely free of charge for eligible women. 

For more information on the NatWest WEB Programme, please contact Gemma on adminsupport@threshold-das.org.uk or 07494 154 019

You can download the flyers for this programme here.

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