The Freedom Programme

The Freedom Programme is a 12 week rolling programme open to women who want to learn more about domestic abuse, whether they are in, or have left, an abusive relationship, and for those who have no plans to leave their partner.

The aims:

  • To help understand the beliefs held by abusive men
  • To equip individuals to recognise the signs of existing or potential future abusers
  • To illustrate the effects of domestic abuse on children
  • To encourage individuals to gain confidence and skills for developing healthy relationships


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Topics covered include:

  • The Dominator and Mr Right
  • The Bully
  • The Badfather
  • Effects of Domestic Abuse on Children
  • The Headworker
  • The Jailer
  • The Sexual Controller
  • The King of the Castle
  • The Liar
  • The Persuader
  • The Warning Signs