New photographs set to change the image of domestic abuse

Under a new project Scottish Women’s Aid and Zero Tolerance have worked in collaboration to recapture and change the traditional image of ‘domestic abuse’.

They argue photographs depicting domestic abuse often characterise victims as weak, cowering and helpless whilst a tattooed fist looms above them. Whilst physical abuse is something suffered my many in abusive relationships, it often isn’t the only type of abuse. This was the core factor leading to these new photographs being developed.

An EU study has shown that one in three women across the EU has experienced some form of intimate partner violence since the age of 15. That’s not just a statistic. It’s your neighbour. It’s your sister. Your teacher. Your boss. Your friend. Your daughter. It might even be you.

Scottish Women’s Aid and Zero Tolerance have taken several new photographs to highlight the fact domestic abuse can and does happen to anyone – it does not discriminate between ethnicity, religion, class or disability. They also feel that by emphasising the different types of abuse, many women will have their experiences validated. At the moment, many women doubt the authenticity of their abuse simply as it wasn’t physical, but this new campaign will hopefully change that.


For the full story and to see all the photographs in the collection click here.

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