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Success with WEB Market Stall

The WEB women had a huge success with their stall on the Llanelli Market!

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Domestic Abuse Victims Failed by Police

Police forces across the UK let down victims of domestic abuse as they downgrade the risks facing victims.

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After enduring 30 years of domestic abuse, wife contacts Women’s Aid

After enduring 30 years of physical and verbal domestic abuse, a woman has come forward and spoken to Women’s Aid.

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Domestic abuse figures and sex crimes on the rise in CPS cases

The CPS’s 10th report into violence against women and girls (VAWG) shows an increase in the number of domestic abuse cases being pursued.

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How can you tell whether your partner is emotionally abusive?

There is growing awareness around the signs of coercive control – the emotional and psychological abuse of a partner, through threats and restrictions, as well as physical violence. Here the Telegraph has teamed up with Polly Neate to explain more about this topic.

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Welfare cuts could lead to women staying with abusive partners

No bill is going to help women fleeing domestic abuse unless it does something about welfare cuts

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