Smart home technology is being used against victims of domestic abuse

As technology advances, companies are creating smarter and more convenient ways of improving our homes. However, a new report written by researchers at University College London suggest that these technological advances are being used by perpetrators of domestic abuse against victims.


The research highlights how the following smart technology is controlling individuals in domestic abuse relationships:

  • The Nest Hello doorbell: streams a video of whoever is on the doorstep 24-hours a day and allows a three-hour recording to be checked to see if anyone has passed by. This allows perpetrators of domestic abuse to remotely monitor the coming and going of their victim as well as any visitors who may be trying to provide support to the individual
  • The Nest Thermostat allows remote access of the heating and temperature levels of home. This opens up the opportunity for confusing victims and causing self-doubt.
  • Smart phones, tablets and laptops all have ways of monitoring location, recording audio and video and keeping track of victims.


To read the full report click here.

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