Anonymity registration enables domestic abuse victims to vote safely

In a move to make it safer for victims of domestic abuse to vote in elections, the Government has confirmed plans to make anonymous voting even easier. Many victims of domestic abuse have stated they are afraid of voting in case it reveals their location to their abuse, but now changes are being made in order to make the process easier and safer. However, at the moment this anonymous voter registration only lasts five-years so there are calls to make this a life-long registration. Speaking on the situation Katie Ghose stated:

“For too long these women have been silenced because it was too dangerous for them to sign up to an electoral register, which would reveal their location, and too difficult for them to register anonymously. For them, anonymity is a matter of life or death; with the very real threat of being hunted down by their perpetrator”.

Officials are examining whether or not it would be possible to extend the length of time on anonymous entry.

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