COCOON – Children and Young People’s Mental Health Worker

Our Cocoon programme is a programme of support providing a Mental Ill Health support worker for children and young people aged 10-25 yrs to cope with the often frightening and upsetting experience of domestic abuse and/or mental ill health.

We show young people that there is help available, and alleviate their fear of asking for help, showing them they are not alone. The worker acts as their advocate when they access outside support agencies so they feel that there is someone on their side. The emphasis of the project is on early intervention, support and guidance, and through accessing the appropriate services, preventing serious episodes of mental ill health occurring.

The Cocoon worker provides one to one and group support and will help children and young people by delivering a series of informal workshops for those identified with mental ill-health problems. This will enable children and young people to become more aware of their mental ill-health issues; to recognise when they are not managing it successfully and to ask for more or different support and access other specialised support available.

We also offer new support networks for individuals living with domestic abuse/violence who might have mental ill-health issues, – de-stigmatising this and breaking down barriers and developing effective peer support systems.

The Cocoon staff member also provides training to outside agencies around Mental –ill health.

You can refer your children to the project, they can self-refer or we can accept referrals from outside agencies.


Our Mental Health Worker has created a toolkit which is useful in helping understand mental health issues, how they affect us and practical steps we can take to help ourselves and each other when faced with a variety of mental health issues. Check it out below and let us know what you think!


The Toolkit

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Tackling Negative Memories